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A good outline includes a hook to grab the audience’s attention, introductions for guests, interview questions, talking points, transitions, and closings. Some advertisers prefer to spread their investment across multiple podcasts, instead of making one large ad purchase on a single show. This will give your listeners an intimate peek into their idols. A podcast interview is the recording of such an interaction. By doing this, your subscribers will see your podcast on their wall whenever you upload, and some would even receive an alert. As most are audio only, it’s easy to think they’re simple to make, but don’t be fooled. Once you have an RSS feed URL, navigate to submit a show and follow the steps to submit an RSS feed using Apple Podcasts Connect. You can actually turn your phone into a webcam, which is not a bad idea considering some phones record in up to 4K resolution. Specifically, I love that Nikon puts their Fn1 and Fn2 customizable buttons on the front of the camera, right where you can see and easily reach them. This visibility can lead to sponsorships and brand deals. Population has listened to a podcast in the last month, according to Statista, and the largest age group is listeners between 12 and 34 years old. You are there for them every week. Headphones also assist you to enhance your microphone technique and avoid plosive sounds such as “p” and “k. Podcasts in a network usually share a common theme or topic. Here’s what you need to know about podcast RSS. Podcast videos are certainly more interesting when you can see the speaker, but if you don’t want to be on camera for whatever reason you can create YouTube videos that are narrated with scenery, moving backgrounds, dramatizations, or other video/visual elements. Or, if you prefer video podcasts, go for an app that supports them, like Spotify or Pocket Casts. If you’re just starting out, we have some great news. But with more choices comes more headaches. You get unlimited hosting but can also create a website and podcast player. For more tips, see our guide on how to increase website traffic.

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With Spreaker, users can effortlessly create, host, distribute, and monetize their podcasts all in one centralized platform. Yet the term “podcast” stuck, and that’s what we use today when describing these amazing audio shows. It’s time to break down podcasting for beginners. Other ways to network and get new eyes and ears on your podcast could be appearing as a guest on someone else’s show, or doing a crossover episode with another podcaster. When you imagine yourself speaking to your podcast listener avatar, that one person who absolutely loves and raves about everything you create for them, you’ll help yourself stay connected to the why behind the podcast you’re making. The Rode Wireless Pro, for example, lets you connect lav mics to the transmitters, but you can directly record into those, too. Podcasts can be produced at little to no cost and are usually disseminated free of charge, which sets this medium apart from the traditional 20th century model of “gate kept” media and their production tools. So if you a depressing, sad end to a wonderful series. Registered in the U. By clicking “Accept All,” you consent to store on your device all the technologies described in our Cookie Policy. In August 2004, Adam Curry launched his show Daily Source Code. To put that 41% number into perspective, YouTube is being watched by 81% of the US population every month. ITunes developed an enhanced podcast feature called “Audio Hyperlinking” that they patented in 2012. Eleven of the best podcasting platforms. Avoid placing the GoPro too close to prevent distortion—its fixed focus can reduce sharpness. Pick a good, memorable, and relevant name for your podcast. Repackaging existing content is a great way to extend its lifespan and lets you create a podcast without spending too much time and effort creating brand new content. A computer is an important tool for recording your podcast; you can’t settle for less. Dynamic Ads and Content. Unlike shows on radio stations or TV that have to appeal to a broad audience, the beauty of podcasting is that shows can be incredibly niche and still have a significant following.

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You may have had trouble finding one on the virtual shelves during the beginning of the pandemic, but there is more availability now. You can also choose to have students create their own podcast. If you’ve reached the stage in your business or podcast where you’re looking to hire a podcast producer, we’ve got you covered. Naming your podcast is a hugely important step. The guests you choose to feature in your episodes are implicitly reflective of the quality of your show. When done well, your intro hooks listeners and convinces them to stick around for the whole episode. Discover 30 faceless YouTube channel ideas to drive engagement and make money without showing your face. Since you don’t have to coordinate with other hosts, this podcast style can be an easy way to grow your audience.

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For this reason, in recent decades, passive investing has taken a substantial share of equity capital invested. But oftentimes, that isn’t the case. To start your podcast, at a minimum you’ll need. Podcast production is not complex. With hundreds of new podcasts hitting the market almost daily, you might have a suspicion that you’ve arrived late to the party – and that’s okay. You can invite up to 7 remote guests and you’ll receive separate audio and video tracks for each. Natural light is great, but you can’t always rely on it due to weather changes and the time of day. Video podcasting might sound as easy as posting your filmed podcast episodes on YouTube, but there’s more to it than that. Here are our top recommendations to get you started. Looking at these startup costs – and even adding in some extra costs you don’t necessarily have to have. This information has definitely got my wheels turning. The next important component is the podcast format. An example of a podcast like this would be: The Body in the Tree by BBC Sounds.

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While this may not technically be classed as a podcast, they are usually found on the same platforms as downloadable or streamable content. When it comes to building a podcast team, the most important thing is to find people you can trust. Video recordings require editing which can take hours and days. This makes your podcast available on streaming platforms where people can access it. There are several different mobile applications that allow people to follow and listen to podcasts. Video podcasts are great, and platforms like YouTube can definitely offer you additional exposure. There are many different types of video podcast you can choose, and it’s a good idea to pick one before you even think about recording so you can make your plan accordingly. Not everyone is confident in front of the camera, and if you’re not used to video recordings, it’s worth taking some time to improve your performative skills. Instead, new visibility and extra discoverability could be seen as the primary benefit.

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Some networks require you to switch to the podcast hosting service the network currently works with. Start with the USB connection and then add a mixer or audio interface for use with the XLR capabilities later. They can post on YouTube, publish audio files on a podcast hosting service such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify, or share the podcast episode directly through their website. Learn how to grow your business reach with reels in just 3 hours every month. It may be harder to get a good deal with a network until your listener base increases, but if you look hard enough you’ll find that some of the big podcast networks do actually want to invest their resources in smaller, up and coming podcasts. Obviously, the heavier it is, the less comfortable it will be in the long run. Pocket Casts has a tidy interface, with subscriptions arranged in a tiled screen format, fluid animations, and color schemes. As of today, little technology exists to change the way we consume podcasts. Learn which microphone is best for you, and how to publish an episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. With a YouTube podcast, you’ll need to consider your appearance, body language, and overall ‘stage’ presence. You also don’t have to worry about coming up with new topics every week, since the story naturally progresses. The following are some examples of podcast hosting platforms. Similarly, Supernatural Then and Now Supernatural is at its best when the hosts interview the VFX supervisors, composers, set designers, etc. Descript makes audio and video editing easier, but even experts may not know how to use Descript to its full potential. SESAC, although smaller in size compared to ASCAP and BMI, is another notable performance rights organization that represents songwriters, composers, and music publishers. Additionally, PodServe provides in depth analytics about listeners, such as the location, time, and device they used to listen to your podcast. However, there are thousands of audio files out there with similar topics. You need a podcast host that you find easy to use. It’s always better to play things safe rather than sorry. That they don’t have one and they think, “A magic publishing company is going to make that all right for me. Total 1 time investment: $89 for the ATR 2100 + $49 for The Podcast Journal = $138. The form is also acclaimed for its low overhead for a creator to start and maintain their show, merely requiring a microphone, a computer or mobile device, and associated software to edit and upload the final product. You’ll need an internet connected device, such as a smartphone, computer, or tablet to access podcasts. If you’re able to build a community around a podcast, it can also be a way to build trust. A podcast series usually features one or more recurring hosts engaged in a discussion about a particular topic or current event.

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Tap onto a growing market. Planning a podcast production becomes easier as you flesh out your identity and style. Now that you have the basics done, you can check out these extras to optimize your podcast. It’s a series of digital audio or video, we’ll come to that files that are available for streaming or downloading online. It also helps that podcasting continues to grow as a medium: More people than ever are creating audio and now video stories. You can use software like Riverside to record and create your video podcast, or simply upload your podcast with a static image in video format. I bonds in a short term Treasury. Piggybacking off of the marketing topic above, podcasts can be great for SEO. Save Production TimeSave time and effort in your podcasting workflow. I have also posted a detailed guide on recording a podcast and starting a podcast on Spotify earlier. But that’s not going to be the case for everyone. In addition to podcasting ability, they cover a lot of live sports, live radio, events, etc. Generally, posting multiple times a week to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts will suit each respective algorithm. Meanwhile, others are specifically geared toward one OS or the other. If it’s not obvious by now, video podcasts are the future of podcasting. There are various ways to ensure top notch sound quality. You could also incorporate other voices by having listeners submit questions ahead of time and answering them during the episode. It is a life advice style format where John and Hank answer questions and offer advice. LinkedIn and 3rd parties use essential and non essential cookies to provide, secure, analyze and improve our Services, and to show you relevant ads including professional and job ads on and off LinkedIn.

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Don’t forget to also leverage your existing audio podcast subscribers by notifying them of your new video content. Combined with a sleek studio backdrop, the result is a high production value, professional video podcast. Guests can act as unofficial spokespeople for your show, promoting their appearance — and your podcast — on their social channels and to their audience. Just remember that working on your audio is super important, which we’re about to cover in the next section. The producer also researches guests, books studios, and secures any other resources needed for recording. The platform enables you to directly collect donations from your listeners without taking a percentage of your revenue. And you can even make things even more simple by using a tool to record every webcam at the same time, like Zoom. No one wants to sit through a podcast full of background noise, popping sounds, or fuzziness. Downloading a podcast ahead of time means that you can listen to content offline later. On the other hand, more niche podcasts can do this too. So, what equipment do you need to start your own podcast. Start listening to podcasts. ” we hope we answered your question as thoroughly as possible. Our podcast on the art of podcasting.

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This makes it easy to repurpose your content with no extra effort at all. But you have to remember, your listeners are there for you. Pick a topic that’s broad enough that you could reasonably talk about for multiple episodes, seasons, etc. To make your podcast niche, focus on a sub category or sub demographic. Some podcasts are less than five minutes long, and others have episodes the length of a short audiobook. Listeners can subscribe to their favourite podcasts on these apps and be notified when new episodes are released. Here are our top recommendations to get you started. Write an informative podcast description that convinces new visitors to try the show. This provides a much clearer look at audience engagement. Choose two days of the week and upload twice a week at the same time. And when I saw Sam Bankman Fried getting interviewed and I saw his face every day on my news feed, I knew something was going to happen. It just may be harder to visualize and interpret. Can Someone Else Use Mine. It’s like a mini series for your ears, giving you a complete podcast experience in a shorter time frame. ID tags provide MP3 players and other devices with more information about the file, like the name of the artist and the name of the podcast episode. It has an on board sound pad made up of eight different, lit up color panels that you can program with your intro, interlude, and outro music, and even sound effects if that is your thing. If you have a small podcast with a few hundred listeners, you will need a few hundred GB of bandwidth per month. Now that you have your video podcast file, you’ll need to upload it to your podcast host so it appears on your RSS link. Some are descriptive of what the show is about, while others don’t mean much. I’ve written before about the value of human faces in marketing. You’ll find software for transcription, visual graphics, and monetisation. The camera is rolling, the mics are hot, and you’re diving into a captivating conversation. Podcasts are sometimes referred to as a digitally disruptive format because they changed how consumers accessed content. So go with the flow, and let the conversation take on a life of its own. You’ll have to invest both time and money to see the full payout of an in studio recording.

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Podcasts are free for the most part and easy to find, and given their growing popularity, cover a wider and deeper range of topics than ever before. What you hear in your headphones your voice or your guest’s voice, for example is likely to be picked up by a very sensitive microphone and therefore may cause feedback. You choose when and where to listen, whether you’re cooking, walking, or anywhere, really. So much can be done with strong writing and great sound to get listeners into that trance and keep them coming back for more. As you’re constructing your scripts, try to write in a similar way to how you speak. Each of them have their own pros and cons, but it all boils down to how you prefer to listen. Across platforms, typically draw only 3,000 to 5,000 views on YouTube. Cost of HostingHosting getting a little expensive where you are now. They handle the recording, editing, promotions, and other behind the scenes activities. We gather data from the best available sources, including vendor and retailer listings as well as other relevant and independent reviews sites. For those looking for a more well rounded camera that they can do a lot more than record podcasts with, the Sony A6600 is our top pick, currently sitting at $998. Now that you know the answer to “what is podcasting. I realize not every new coach or consultant can afford to hire someone to help launch their show. Having a name for your show sooner rather than later will help you with other branding decisions you’ll need to make. The podcasting format is also ideal for multitasking. You may not earn much, every little bit helps you produce a better show. No matter what, never record a podcast without headphones. Better yet, the medium can cover niche topics to reach a smaller, but more engaged ideal listener base. Plus, some followers prefer the video format so that they can see what the speakers look like. Which podcasting hosting site your choose depends on what you need. Their style is extremely informal, and listening to SYSK feels like listening in on a chill conversation between two friends. However, for large publishers with over 20,000 downloads per episode, you’ll need to contact the platform to obtain a custom plan. Instead of coming up with your own fiction story, you could utilize something in the public domain. Podcasting can be an opportunity to promote your business, broaden your reach, or market to your existing audience. Once the podcast is created, you can choose to tag any videos you upload as episodes for this podcast series. Podcasts give everyday real life people an opportunity to share their stories, their journeys, their successes, their failures, their lessons learned, and their encouragement. You don’t have to be part of a specific group or meet any criteria. With a dynamic mic, you need to speak close to it, but not too close, or you could have those plosive problems and sound muffled. Find out about Morningstar’s editorial policies. Common Client Questions.

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Sponsorship Inquiries. Plus, a professional pair of wired headphones will deliver a perfectly crisp playback compared to wireless earbuds. ‍Best budget friendly mixer. In a little more detail, a podcast is a series of spoken word audio episodes focused on a particular topic or theme, like cycling or startups. Some other things to consider. So, what’s the story with China. They often agree, but each brings their own interesting perspective to the conversation. While it’s funny at times, the real joy of this interview podcast is the natural ease with which Hardwick converses with his celebrity guests. Your Episode Description is where you can write your show notes. StorytellingUnlimited episodes and time to tell powerful stories. ITunes developed an enhanced podcast feature called “Audio Hyperlinking” that they patented in 2012. Easily record your webcam in high quality resolution directly from your browser. You can monitor how you do in all of them by using services like MyPodcastReviews or Chartable. You can listen to a single episode immediately, download it for later, or subscribe to shows so that each new episode is added to your playlist. Just enjoy the process, keep improving your processes, and stick with either platform for the long run. In YouTube Studio, click the Create button and select New Podcast. So yes, you can potentially record at higher resolutions. Depending on the size and scope of your project, you may need to enlist the help of professionals for various jobs. Podcasting is the preparation and distribution of audio files using RSS feeds to the computers of subscribed users. Feeling OverwhelmedSupport from our personal team, plus our free education. And it’s just a computer language that lets your Podcasting software talk to a Podcasting website. If you’re looking for a podcast with a mix of practical advice on everyday personal finance challenges, as well as business news, The Clark Howard Podcast is for you. You can listen on your own time, whether that be whenever boredom strikes, if you’re among the majority, whenever you’re at home or in transit. Over the ear headphones. Check out our guide to podcast software for more on this. Very detailed process I’m wondering whether this process would work with my Mixcloud podcasts. As Shopify’s official podcast, Shopify Masters features a number of successful entrepreneurs and key players within the ecommerce community.

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If you publish video podcasts on other platforms like YouTube, you can upload the same files to Spotify for Podcasters and open up your show for discovery by hundreds of millions of Spotify users. And my original opening about adding your podcast RSS feed to YouTube. There are many benefits to this type of podcasting. Podcast networks can be a valuable resource for podcasters, giving even independent creators the opportunity to boost their revenue and listenership. So it looks like it smells like it, everything. And if you prefer granular customization options, try Overcast. An example of this is the Jumpers Jump podcast, which became super popular after posting funny snippets of their podcast on TikTok, which brought more people to watch the full episodes. Most podcasts are started as passion projects. In fact, the word podcast was introduced in 2004. NEW OFFER: Grow your list to 10,000 subscribers for free. The hosts of a podcast are referred to as “podcasters. Private Member PodcastsMember only content, powerful access and security features. Solo PodcastYour own thoughts and message made easy with Captivate. Something that’ll keep you going for the long run. This is your most essential piece of equipment, and depending on your budget and overall DIY setup, you have a few different options. So even if you can’t nail the perfect descriptive show title, know that whatever title you pick eventually becomes what you make of it.


On occasion such novelists have secured publishing contracts to have their novels printed. There are two types of people in this world. Someone who has already done everything you want to do and more, allowing you to learn from their mistakes without having to make them yourselves. According to some psychologists, facial features provide more data than spoken language. You may not need to hire a senior producer, however. Was the next item on your to do list. But when someone else ends up dead, the search for the truth leads to a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man’s life. Or, audio can be downloaded when a listener wants to hear it a “user initiated download”, or what most people mean when they say a “stream”. Podcasts create brand fanatics, people who are deeply invested in who podcasters are as people and as business professionals. Do podcasters love color. In short, a YouTube podcast is simply a podcast that’s shared on YouTube. You can find this link in the settings of your hosting platform. Think of it as a bonus: radio stations repackage their shows to make them accessible in podcast mode. Podcasts can be highly engaging, generating more website traffic for your brand. Easy plug and play setup. One of its outstanding features is that you can stream or download podcasts directly to your device. With the boom of rewatch podcasts do you think any of the friends would do one. Audio only is in no way limiting to the medium. Of course, just like we’ve done with computers and microphones, we won’t be naming names; provide enough pointers for you to decide on your own. The term was first used in the audioblogging community in September 2004, when Danny Gregoire introduced it in a message to the iPodder dev mailing list, from where it was adopted by podcaster Adam Curry. It was enlightening too to hear those comments. There are different ways to monetize your podcast. ” It’s a unique way to recognize our community. After all, someone might download an episode but never actually hear it. You can get away with starting a video podcast completely for free, but this may not yield the best results. A few places I like to look for podcast music. A potential new audience could be a boon to the industry after a painful year of layoffs, closures and cancellations, thanks to a down ad market and backpedaling from disenchanted tech investors. But they arguably don’t give an overall view of how podcasting looks and sounds as a whole. You’re going to mess up. If you plan to just use a static image for your video, your first step is to create that image or just use your podcast cover art.

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